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June 19, 2023

Observation of World Malaria Day (25.04.2023)

World Malaria Day was observed by Anjali College of Pharmacy and Science on 25.04.2023 to promote awareness about malaria, preventative measures, and treatment options.

All students of D.Pharm., B.Pharm. and M.Pharm. enthusiastically participated in various activities/ competitions organized throughout the day at the college campus such as poster presentation, short plays to spread awareness among the masses, etc. At the end of the day, all the winners in various activities/ competitions were awarded with the Certificate of Merit by the Principal, Dr. Y. Vamshi Vishnu.

World Malaria Day is a global healthcare awareness event observed annually on the 25th of April; a global call to various local and government healthcare authorities and policymakers to promote the action required to combat and eradicate malaria. World Malaria Day 2023 was marked under the theme “Time to deliver zero malaria: Invest, Innovate, Implement”. Within this theme, WHO focused on the third “I” – implement – and notably the critical importance of reaching marginalized populations with the tools and strategies that are available today.

A parasitic infection, malaria, is spread by the female (Anopheles) mosquito and can cause severe, sometimes fatal illnesses. Malaria threatens 200 crore people every year, including residents of 90 endemic countries and 12.5 crore international tourists. Plasmodium parasites acquire a complex life cycle that results in periodic fevers. Most patients recover quickly from malaria symptoms after treatment, but severe complications such as severe malarial anemia, cerebral malaria, coma, or death can occur if the treatment is delayed.

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