— Why Choose Us —

Anjali College of Pharmacy and Science (ACPS), Agra provides a holistic programme and environment for overall development of our students. Other than providing a multi-disciplinary curriculum and a unique pedagogy, we believe in preparing our students for industry and providing them with the skills, tools and advice to bring their ideas to market.

ACPS is a pioneer centre for teaching, learning and research, consistently ranked among the top private pharmacy colleges in Agra, UP.

Since our inception in 1999, we have believed in education for all and leadership that makes lives better. The same values continue to inform our policy of inclusion and underpin our long-term strategy for growth. Our motto Yogah, Karmashu, Kaushalam has been a declaration of our commitment to attracting and supporting those who have the drive to shape a better world. As a result, ACPS students, faculty and staff continue to embrace innovation and challenge the status quo, placing us at the forefront of learning, discovery and engagement. ACPS encourages bold thinking, curiosity and initiative, so you can realize your greatest potential.

Our Mission

Anjali College of Pharmacy and Science (ACPS), Agra is established to advance knowledge and nurture healthcare-grounded leaders and innovators to serve societal needs, with a focus on pharmacy education through an integrated multi-disciplinary curriculum.

Pharmacy education has been and always will be essential for society’s prosperity and well-being. ACPS will continue to provide healthcare industry-oriented pharmacy education to students through Excellent Teaching and Learning, Interaction with Industry and Continual Improvement of People Process.

Dedicated Faculty

Our eminent expert faculty members are a diverse collection of scholars, experts, professionals, and teachers who bring their depth of knowledge to our strategically-crafted programs to enlarge the learning experience. We value our most invaluable resource – Our Teachers. They deliver lectures through use of LCD projectors at regular intervals in addition to black board teaching to generate enthusiasm for learning in classrooms. They also give practical exposure to students with updated information on the new technologies being used in the industry.

Furthermore, the faculty members act as student advocates on issues, concerns, and challenges related to students.

Excellent Laboratory Facilities

ACPS Campus is designed & equipped with Hi-Tech Laboratories with good quality tools / equipments / instruments / training kits / machineries to help students perform practicals and apply their theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom sessions.

Students Overall Development Programme

Student Development Programs assist students towards their academic and career objectives by encouraging self-direction and by promoting personal development and empowerment. We at ACPS believe that teaching and learning are not limited to the traditional classroom. ACPS organizes different activities such as Seminars, Workshops, Quiz, Debates, Personality Development Sessions, Mock Interviews, Nature Walks and Expert/Guest Lectures throughout the academic semester for the overall development of students. The main aim behind Student Development Programme is to empower students to become fully engaged in the college experience by providing transformative educational experiences that enhances not only their Employability Skills but also help them with the Overall Personality